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The power of psychedelic-assisted suggestion

Eye-gazing and Spiritual Pick-Up Artistry

Psychedelics and the ethics of suggestibility

Are we using psychedelic plants, or are they using us?

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When psychedelics trigger visions of childhood abuse

Psychedelics as metaphor-amplifiers

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Feeling you've permanently damaged yourself on psychedelics

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What do we need to learn about adverse trips?

How to survive a Kundalini Awakening

Are people who have intensely good trips also more likely to have intensely bad ones?

TREAT California: the Manhattan Project of psychedelics?

'What were your five most significant orgasms?'

'Don't eat the brown acid'

Ibogaine returns to its roots in Kentucky

Decriminalize Nature and what Carlos Plazola did next

'But what are you for?'

Who pays the piper

Who's driving the US decrim juggernaut?

'Been smoking too long'

The Bigger Picture

DMT, derealization and depersonalization

Holy Molly

‘I can’t stop looking for my symptoms’: The psychology of persistent visuals

How ayahuasca helped the Colombian military find four children lost in the jungle

What's behind the European crackdown on ayahuasca religions?

Sunday Brunch: What comes after the War on Drugs?

Kylea Taylor on the Woman Who Lost Everything

Sunday (late) brunch: Bali gets sick of digital influencers

Psychedelics and polyamory: an open marriage

Sunday Brunch: The Priests of the Omniverse


Sunday Brunch: tripping alone, Colombian BBQs, and more

Psychedelic workers of the world, unite!

Sunday Brunch 14/5/23

Depersonalization, derealization and psychedelics

Sunday Brunch: free tickets for next Sunday's Huxley event

Why decriminalization policies require public education on risks

The varieties of 'psychedelic decriminalization'

Sunday brunch: Pagans, Potterheads and traumadelica

Psychedelic religions: how big could they grow?

Sunday Brunch: Rob Burbea, Mike Jay, and more on Synthesis

Does the medicine always give you what we need?

Heaven and hell are closer than we think

Sunday Brunch 16/4/23

The Long Walk to Community

Key terms: Communitas

Adam Aronovich on communitas, raving, and Healing from Healing

Sunday Brunch 9/4/23

Preach! On the ethics of psychedelic testimonials

On kataphatic and apophatic mysticism

The occasional ecstasies of Alan Levinovitz

Sunday brunch 2/4/23

Should conspiracy-thinking be classified as a risk of psychedelics?

TBT: The Spiritual Experiences Survey

'More evolved than you': evolutionary spirituality as a frame for psychedelic experience

A dark night on Wall Street

Blurred Lines: improving the ethics of psychedelic fund-raising

Resources on adverse experiences / extended difficulties

Synthesis and the shadow of psychedelic capitalism

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Kat Torres: under the influence

Are psychedelics more addictive than we think?

Jamie Wheal: 'The worst people are taking all the best drugs'

Living with Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)

Bad trip report: getting 'cursed by God'

Ketamine: the psychedelic renaissance goes hyper-capitalist

Psychedelics and psychosis: the elephant in the room

Do psychedelics and psytrance alter Israelis' attitudes to war?

Nir Tadmor on psychedelic harm reduction