Ecstatic Integration

Improving Western culture’s ecstatic literacy’.

We work to try and make psychedelics and other forms of ecstatic experience safer by providing reliable and evidence based information on typical psychedelic and ecstatic challenges, and what helps people cope with them.

Jules Evans is a philosopher, researcher and author of several books including Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations, The Art of Losing Control, and Breaking Open: Finding a Way Through Spiritual Emergency. He has spent his working life thinking and writing about ecstatic experiences, how people find them and make sense of them, when they can be good or bad for us and for our societies, and how western culture can improve its ecstatic literacy and develop better maps, guides and containers for journeys beyond the self.

‘Jules shows us philosophy is not just for the classroom. It’s also for life’. Matthew Syed, picking Philosophy for Life as a Times book of the year.

‘Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the connection between spiritual awakening and what we normally term 'mental illness.' Steve Taylor

‘Breaking Open is the best book on spiritual emergencies out there’. Daniel Ingram

Ecstatic Integration also features other critical expert voices on ecstatic experiences, ethics, risk and harm reduction, such as Ed Prideaux and Joseph Holcomb Adams, and its essays draw on interviews with many of the leading thinkers on and practitioners with ecstatic and psychedelic experiences.

The Challenging Psychedelic Experiences Project launched in September 2022, and is the leading research and public communication project on psychedelic and ecstatic ethics, integration and harm reduction. We produce academic research on adverse psychedelic experiences, enduring post-trip difficulties, and what helps people deal with them.

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Improving western culture's ecstatic literacy


Jules Evans 

Director of the Challenging Psychedelic Experiences Project and author of books including Philosophy for Life, The Art of Losing Control and Breaking Open: Finding a Way Through Spiritual Emergency (co-edited with Tim Read)

Joseph Holcomb Adams

Ethicist, researcher, writer, and a Community Health Commissioner for the City of Berkeley. Studying trance phenomena, suggestibility/suggestion, and meaning response (aka placebo/nocebo effect).

Ed Prideaux

Master's student at the University of East London in Psychology. Interested in HPPD, the 'dark side' of psychedelics, philosophy, history, culture.