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Here you can find all the Psychedelic Safety Seminars:

Psychedelic Safety Seminar 1, October 2023, featuring:

  • Philippe Lucas, ‘Results from the Canadian Psychedelic Survey’

  • Eirini Argyri, ‘Extended difficulties after psychedelic experiences’

  • David Mathai, ‘Shame and Guilt in psychedelic experiences’

Psychedelic Safety Seminar 2, November 2023 ‘In defence of psychedelic self-experimentalism’, featuring:

  • Mike Jay, ‘Psychonauts and the making of the modern mind’

  • Andy Mitchell, ‘Ten Trips: psychedelics within and outside the medical system’

Psychedelic Safety Seminar 3, December 2023: ‘Must psychedelic medical treatments always include psychotherapy?’

  • A debate between Dr Guy Goodwin of Compass and Dr Max Wolff of MIND

Psychedelic Safety Seminar 4, January 2023: ‘Should we ditch the term ‘challenging psychedelic experience’?

  • Rick Strassman on why he hates the term ‘challenging psychedelic experience’

    and Abigail Calder on a new scale for adverse psychedelic experiences

Psychedelic Safety Seminar 5, February 2023

  • Brian Holoyda on why guides should be careful of psychedelic malpractice suits

  • Alison Hoots on how to make psychedelic churches legal and safe

PLUS you can find an hour-long interview with Alexander Belser and Bill Brennan talking about their EMBARK model of psychedelic psychotherapy.

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